It’s so Hard to say goodbye…

Let IDK shine a light on your senior year!


“The biggest adventure you could ever take is to live the life of your dreams.” – OPRAH


What’s next? What are you doing after you graduate? What are your plans? You probably find yourself being asked questions like this almost everyday. What do you say? What will they think about your answer? What would happen if you just had the courage to say ‘I don’t know’? What if someone told you it was Okay to IDK. If just reading the words saying it was Okay for you not to know the answers to those questions let you breath a slight sigh of relief here’s something else you can take a deep breath and feel a sense of peace…. My Friend-YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

You're not alone

Senior year is one of growth and loss. You now realize this moment in time you have been thinking about since you were possibly 9 years old is right around the corner. The joy you felt at the beginning of your junior year is now replaced with this slight feeling of nervousness and soon may turn into greif. You realize that you are now entering a part of your life that is totally different from when you first started dancing. Yes Dance has been apart of your life for as long as you can remember and for some reason every class and competition rehearsal now feels like you’re preparing for your final bow. Even with this feeling of change you often find yourself bouncing between sadness and the feeling of ‘OMG! GET ME OUT OF HERE!’ followed by “I can’t wait for this year to be over”.


How do I know? Well because I have been there. I walked into my final rehearsal, put on my last costume and in that moment I could remember thinking , ‘I don’t want this moment to end.” Sounds Familiar? But what if I told you that Senior Year doesn’t have to be one of sadness but excitement? That you can have an answer to those questions that people love to ask? It’s true! Even though it’s hard to say goodbye you can take 3 easy steps to take the sting out of the saying goodbye to yesterday.


Here are 3 ways to finish your senior year strong and go from IDK to I KNOW your senior year!


  1. Concentrate on what you would like to accomplish. What is the goal? Ever heard the expression ‘knowledge is  power’ ? The more you know about what you want to do the better! The next time someone asks you what do you want to be? You can say “Honestly I’m not sure what career I want to have BUT what I do know is that I want to be a good person and that’s what I plan to focus on. Being a good person who makes good choices”


  1. What’s the plan? Quite simply if there is no plan, you are just spinning your wheels! The plan is like the gas for your car, you would not be able to drive far without any gas. Let’s give your plan some gas-ask adults who you admire how they found their way to their path? Did they always know they wanted to have the career they have? If not what advice would they give their younger self that they now know? Remember the goal of saying IDK should be to find an answer so you can turn I don’t know into I know now. Asking question like this is like driving on a full tank-your car can take you anywhere you like!


  1. What is the final result ? What’s the reward? 1) You will be able to breath without the anxiety of choosing your entire life today. 2) Grownups who remember how uncomfortable it was being asked questions about the future will respect your answer and be impressed by your humility. 3) You are now on the path to learning from the experience of others and being exposed to the possibility that with the support of the right Board of Adult Advisors you will be able to find out what gift you have to offer to the world around you that only you were born to give.


Now that you have a rock solid starting point- believe it or not you are ahead of the game by  planning ahead, most people have no clue about what they want to do in life and they are afraid to admit it which causes them to make many avoidable mistakes. So take a deep breath, close your eyes, and put on your biggest most confident dancer smile because TODAY is the day you learned that admitting what you do not know and being willing to learn from others WHO DO Know is a guaranteed way to take every lesson you have learned on the dance floor so you can star in the most phenomenal solo on the stage of life. Dance big! Dance Loud! And when someone asks you what’s next always remember you are not alone!!

Written by Mrs. Anekia Boatwright-McGhee

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