10 Things Your Non-Dance Friends Need To Know About Dancers

1. We do want to spend time with you. We just love dancing and progress requires constant time and dedication. 2. We get excited when we see non-dancers dance. 3. We will freak out when someone unexpectedly busts out killer moves. 4. The studio is our second home. 5. If we get in a fight, let me express how I feel with a two-minute improv. 6. Our dance teachers are actually really nice. 7. Understand that we’re graceful, yet very clumsy people. 8. We get easily distracted and forget to pay attention to our surroundings. 9. We are more than [...]

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5 Tips that will guarantee you Increase the Height of your Jumps

Many athletes use jumps and leaps in their athletic performances, but dancers are among the various athletes that make it look graceful. Grace is earned in the early practices of the morning, until the late hours of the afternoon. Dancers are constantly striving to achieve the “look” of effortlessness, however, it can only be taught through countless hours of practice. Here are some pointers for increasing the height of your jumps and leaps.

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4 Simple DIYs for Every Dancer

1. Hair Accessory Organizer What you’ll need: Empty Altoids container Magnetic tape strips Instructions: Dump all Altoids into your mouth at once…JK. If you don’t have an empty Altoids container, dump the Altoids in a little snack bag for later. Wipe out the container to remove any leftover Altoid powder.      Cut off one strip of magnetic tape. Peel the backing off the magnetic strip and place on the inside cover of the Altoid container. Lastly, fill up your new hair accessory holder! Hopefully, this will help prevent some of those bobby pins from magically disappearing. 2. Headphone Holder [...]

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Building Endurance for Dancers | 7 x 7 Workout

Having the ability to dance full out through ALL of your dance classes is hard. We feel you! Then, add in additional rehearsals after classes AND then the performance, it’s no wonder that you are exhausted! No worries, though, there are ways to build your endurance so that you can dance full out without wanting to fall over. Follow this workout to increase endurance and improve your ability to keep dancing. 7 x 7 Workout: Do these 7 exercise 7 times all the way through. Exercises: 40 jumping jacks 20 tricep-dips  20 push-ups 20 mountain climbers 20 fast squats 20 sit-ups [...]

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Do You Want Jaw Dropping Leaps? Here’s What You Can Do

Watching a dancer fly through the air in a grand jeté or execute the perfect split leap makes everyone in the audience gasp. It’s amazing to watch an explosive leap, and as a dancer, it is the perfect move to display grace and technique. Because of this, improving leaps is important to dancers at every level of their dance journey. Read on for three ways to improve your leaps. 1. Improve your flexibility. All leaps come from a super flexible range of motion. Therefore, it’s important to be flexible so you can increase your ability to leap.  2. Improve your [...]

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Reach Your Full Potential & Avoid These 10 Mistakes

  Avoid these 10 common mistakes to reach your full potential as a dancer. Source: TUMBLR.COM 1. Coming to class unprepared. We know that sometimes you arrive to dance in a total rush and barely have enough time to throw your hair in a bun. But, when you can, prepare yourself before you walk into class. Make sure your hair is out of your face, you are properly dressed and that you have taken any other necessary precautions (taped your ankle, filled up your water bottle, reviewed choreography from last week etc.). You will get the most out of your dance class [...]

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Are You Advancing Your Turns Too Fast? Here’s 5 Tips To Fix your Technique

We gave you the tools to improve your core & now we are giving you the steps to better your turns.    Source: WWW.THEVERGE.COM 1. You ready? One of the worst things for your dance training is to do advanced turns before you are ready. If you haven’t mastered proper technique or built required muscle strength, you run a very high risk of developing bad habits. Do you know what takes longer than learning a difficult yet awesome dance move? Having to break a bad habit and then relearn the move correctly. Chat with your dance teacher to make sure you [...]

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Which Musical/Movie Character Should You Look To For This Year’s Solo-Spiration?

One of the most important aspects of performing on stage is embodying a character. From classics such as Chicago to modern favorites like Finding Neverland, musicals are packed with colorful characters to explore. Why not try getting into the heads of some of the characters that make Broadway musicals come alive? Read on to discover which musical theater character you should look to for this year’s solo-spiration!     1. For an upbeat soloist with crazy leaps: Consider bringing the mischievous Peter Pan to the competition stage! In the 2015 musical Finding Neverland, he was played by Season 8 “So You Think You Can [...]

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MTD Top Picks | Best Dance Movies of All Time

Are you in need of a chill night in watching movies? You’ve come to the right place, check out our Top Dance Movies of All Time! #5 Footloose  Footloose is one of our all-time favs.  Based in the 80’s, Ren McCormack (Kevin Bacon) moves to a small town where dancing and rock music have been outlawed.  This fun and energetic movie will make it hard for you to sit still and stay in your seat (I know you dancers know what I mean.  When the music is on, we have to move).   #4 Shall We Dance  It’s #ThrowbackThursday dance style [...]

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2 Exercises to Improve Your Point

Dancer’s toes help create nice lines. Toes are like a candle on a cake—they can make or break the party! Sometimes dancers tend to “claw” their toes (gripping too strongly through their toes) which breaks their lines.  Read on to see how you can improve your point to help create beautiful lines. Toe Dancing In parallel position, sitting on a chair, place your feet flat on the ground. Make sure you are lifting through your arches. Lift your big toes off the floor but keep your other toes firmly on the ground. Then reverse the process; keep your big toes [...]

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10 Things You NEED To Know About Latin Dancers

Do you really know what goes on in the Latin dance world?  If the answer is NO...don't fret. We are giving the inside scoop on 10 things you didn't know about Latin Dancers, through the eyes of a Latin Dancer, Zaila.   1. We are probably some of the most dedicated dancers in the world. The Latin world is so different to any other genre, so a lot of ballet, modern etc dancers tend to discount us, but in reality, we work just as hard- we just tend to fall behind the scenes unless you're actively involved. Source: MEDIA.GIPHY.COM 2. We [...]

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Avoid An Unexpected Injury By Following These 5 Steps

Leaping, turning, extensions, going on pointe—these are all potential injury risks for a dancer. Some of the most common dancer injuries are ankle sprains and strains. It is super stressful and a total bummer to be injured but dancers can recover more quickly if they follow these 5 tips to care for a sprain or strain at the very beginning of their injury. Follow the RICE method. Rest. Once you know your injury is too painful to dance on, definitely sit out and don’t try to dance while injured. Ice. Use ice on the injured area for 10-15 minutes, 3 times a [...]

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