30 Things Dancers Never Say

1. “Oh, you can’t keep a beat? I didn’t notice.” Source: GIPHY.COM 2. “If the girl standing in front of me at the barre suddenly disappeared, I would know exactly what comes next.” Source: WWW.REDDIT.COM 3. “Yes, I remember exactly what we changed last week.” Source: GIPHY.COM 4. “I have a break from dance since it’s summer.” Source: WIFFLEGIF.COM 5. “I always realize I have to pee before I put on my leo and tights.” Source: MGUR.COM 6. “Yes, you are the first person to ask me if I can do the splits.” Source: WWW.REDDIT.COM 7. “I can’t wait to try this [...]

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10 Of Our Favorite Motivational Quotes For A Monday

Do you struggle to stay motivated on a Monday? If you’re in need of a boost, just know you are not alone! Here are 10 motivational quotes to keep you inspired through the week.   Don't Miss These! http://morethandancers.com/your-score-does-not-determine-your-value/ http://morethandancers.com/10-dance-expectations-vs-reality/ http://morethandancers.com/21-things-to-never-do-in-dance-class/ http://morethandancers.com/learning-choreography-quickly/ http://morethandancers.com/making-time-for-family/ http://morethandancers.com/16-things-you-actually-think-during-dance-class/ http://morethandancers.com/build-your-professional-dance-portfolio-with-these-4-tips/ http://morethandancers.com/10-things-dancers-are-always-misplacing-at-competitions/

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What It Would Be Like If Dancers Ruled The World

Who run the world? 1. Political debates would include a dance battle portion. Source: GIPHY.COM 2. And the audience at these events would show support like this. Source: www.bet.com 3. School would start at noon because…late nights at the studio. Source: giphy.com/insideamyschumer 4. Doctors would deliver news like this. Source: thegiflibrary.tumblr.com 5. Olympic medals would be Double Platinum, Platinum and Titanium (sometimes)…just to confuse everyone during the award ceremony. Source: SNL TUMBLR 6. The 6 o’clock news would look like this every night. Source: imgur.com 7. Cleaning would be way more fun. Source: www.reddit.com 8. All animals would do this. Source: [...]

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7 Struggles Only a Dancer Understands

Sweat, heart, and tears are what make up a dancer. We know that you put all of these things into being the best dancer you can be. But if you are like us, some of these things that make you a dancer are very strange. So read on to see if you struggle in the same way that we do! 7. When you see a grocery aisle, you MUST dance down it! The struggle is real. There is music playing and a full stretch of floor in which to dance it up. And you do, even though other shoppers think you [...]

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10 REAL Reasons You Dance

There are probably a handful of reasons why you decided to dance. Whether it was from your parents placing you in class when you were young or deciding in high school to try out for the dance team. But, do you ever stop and think about the real underlying reason why you dance? Is it for the acknowledgment? Is it to express yourself? More Than Dancers has set out to explain in 10 reasons why you dance. 1. Dance is your passion. You were wired to dance and when you dance, you feel alive. 2. Dance is where your friends become family. No one in [...]

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So, You’ve Decided On A College. What Will You Study?

Susan Epstein For years dancers were told that if they wanted to dance, they had to go to a big city (New York, LA, etc.) and start auditioning, taking classes and going after that performing career before they were “too old”.  Some teachers and professionals still advise that today, but more and more dancers are being advised to go to college. In fact the next time you go to a performance, read the program notes about the dancers. More than likely the performers graduated from a college program. This is because college dance programs are incubators for professional companies and [...]

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Valentine’s Day Memes For Dancers

Roses are red, violets are blue, unlike boys, dance won't disappoint you! 1. See, it could always be worse. 2. And then maybe we could meet up for some fondu. 3. I dedicate these candy sweethearts to all my dance friends. 4. And then grand jeté right out of love. 5. We really are the best. 6. And he is always there for me. 7. Do you think I can order these poems in bulk? 8. My dance friends are the only boyfriend I need 9. Yup, only thing on my mind is dance. 10. If Ryan Gosling is cool with [...]

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Can You Guess The 10 Things Dancers Are Always Losing?

Raise your hand if you managed to misplace at least one dance accessory during competition season? Don't worry, you're not alone. Between quick changes and hours of downtime...dancers are bound to lose at least one dance-related item. Do you ever wonder what some of the most common items dancers ALWAYS need because they constantly lose them over and over? Well, you're in luck! Here are the 10 things dancers always lose during competition season. 1. Bobby pins. Seriously, where do these things go? On Monday you have 1,000 bobby pins, but by Tuesday you have 3. 2. Hair ties. You put them in [...]

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Collaboration Challenge

We’ve a really cool challenge for you this month. *Collaboration Challenge* ✅ We’ll pick a song (Done- see below) ✅ You’ll create & record a 30-60 secs combination with your phone ✅ We’ll combine parts of all videos into 1, 2, or 3 videos. Are you in? Email us I'm in for February Challenge to info@MoreThanDancers.com. Submit your video no later then Feb 28th You can pick any section of this edited song for your 30-60 secs. It can be any style, and we really hope to see different styles. Happy creating, We can't wait to see what you create. [...]

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Build Your Professional Dance Portfolio With These 4 Tips

Are you thinking of dancing professionally or in college? If you are, now is a good time for you to put together the pieces for your dance portfolio. Your dance portfolio can be a helpful tool in finding your first professional dance job, so thinking about what to add into your portfolio is important. Read on for important tips on what to include in your dancer portfolio. Professional photographs. Decide which types of poses work best for your body and display your strengths. You want to demonstrate impeccable technique so make sure you have someone help you perfect that technique [...]

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13 Tips for Attending a Dance Convention

1. Step out of your comfort zone. We totally understand that this can be a challenge, especially in an unfamiliar environment, but it is definitely worth it! You expand your mind and creativity when you meet new people, so you will experience convention on a whole new level. Plus, you’ll have more fun if you make new friends along your dance journey. Even if you’re shy, find someone and introduce yourself. What have you got to lose? 2. Don’t hold back. A dance convention is the perfect time to try new things and really attack your movement. You will get [...]

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21 Things To NEVER Do In Dance Class

1. Ask about specific counts for a section of the dance you are NOT working on at that moment. Patience, young grasshopper, your teacher WILL get to that section…eventually.   2. Compare yourself to others.   3. Get in the way while others are going across the floor.   4. Quit if you mess up while you are going across the floor. Go back and try again!   5. Stretch without being warm.   6. Raise your hand like you have a question and then start telling a story about what happened to you at school that day??   7. [...]

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