What Are The 5 Things Dance Really Teaches Us & How Do We Overcome It?

You love to dance, right? How amazing is it to get on stage and show a dance that you’ve been working on FOREVER to an appreciative audience? It doesn’t get better than that, for real. But, if we are being totally honest, if all we are doing is spending months and months on ONE dance, then we have totally missed the point of what dance is REALLY about. So let’s count it off…5 things dance really teaches us! If you liked that article check out these top posts: IF DICTIONARIES WERE ACCURATE | DANCER EDITION10 DANCE REACTIONS WE [...]

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 Have you ever had to tell a friend you couldn't hang out because you were "cleaning"? Did they shrug their shoulders and give you an it's sort of ok, but I'm kinda hurt look? Then you had to explain that "cleaning" had nothing to do with the chore of taking care of the dust on your shelves. Phrases and words that have a double meaning to those within the dance world are common. So, More Than Dancers has put together the top 15 phrases and words below. 1. Leo Source: WWW.LIPSTICKALLEY.COM Everyone else: Discussing their horoscope reading or possibly Leonardo DiCaprio’s [...]

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20 Things That Only Dancers Think About

MTD has put together moments in dance where everyone shares the same reaction, but the actions are routine for any dancer.  1. Hearing “5-6-7-8” is as comforting as your favorite childhood stuffed animal. Source: WWW.TUMBLR.COM  2. Doing a pirouette in any space 2x2' or larger.  Source: WWW.TUMBLR.COM    3. Standing petrified in confusion/awe when watching someone who can’t keep a beat.  Source: THEGIFLIBRARY.TUMBLR.COM   4. How you can dance on stage with ease and grace but then fall down the majority of stairs you encounter…or well, anytime really. Source: CHEEZBURGER.COM   5. How your hair defies gravity after you take [...]

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10 Dance Reactions We Can All Relate To

Do you ever just sit back and watch something unfold before you that you've seen or done over and over again? And no matter how many times it happens, you conjure up the same reaction? Well, whether it's waiting hours on end for judges results or smiling through a technically insane routine, More Than Dancers can relate. So, check out some of the top dance related reactions we can ALL relate to. 1. When you’re waiting for awards to start.  Source: WHATCULTURE.COM   2. When you watch someone do ten pirouettes.  Source: TUMBLR.COM   3. When you see a dancer [...]

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16 Things You Actually Think During Dance Class

Check out some of More Than Dancers best takes on what people really think during dance class. 1. I’m hungry already… Source: NOYOUREOUTOFORDER.TUMBLR.COM   2. Why don’t I look like that when I go across the floor? Source: FORGIVEMEFORCARING.TUMBLR.COM   3. Look, it’s raining outside. Oh wait, now it’s sunny. Source: LIFEACCORDINGTOMIA.TUMBLR.COM   4. Pull up and push down, pull up and push down, pull up and push down. Source: REBLOGGY.COM   5. Huh?? *When your teacher goes from joking around to dead serious.   Source: REDDIT.COM   6. Yassss. This is my song. Source: DE-KLEIN.TUMBLR.COM   7. Tendu, and in, and in, tendu, flex, point, and [...]

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10 Dance Expectations Vs. Reality

Check out some of More Than Dancers best takes on what people think dancers do and what actually happens behind the scenes.   1. When you do five turns: Expectation: Source: YOUTUBE.COM/WTA Reality: Source: memegenerator.net/   2. Dancing on pointe: Expectation: Source: WIFFLEGIF.COM Reality: Source: IMGUR.COM   3. When you walk off stage with your team: Expectation: Source: IMGUR.COM Reality: Source: CHEEZBURGER.COM   4. Photoshoot sesh with your friends: Expectation: Source: www.instagram.com/mistyonpointe/ Reality: Source: awkwardfamilyphotos.com   5. Diving into your bed: Expectation: Source: WWW.REDDIT.COM Reality: Source: WWW.THEPROSPECT.NET   6. Gym class: Expectation: Source: 4GIFS.TUMBLR.COM Reality: Source: OMGIF.COM   [...]

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Dance Life In 17 Memes

Check out some of these dance life memes brought to you by Pinterest. It really is the most comfortable position.   2. We should celebrate these victories more often.   3. It’s just so pretty.   4. How do other people stretch out their jeans??   5. Maybe a torture device disguised as slippers.   6. Call back so I can finish my performance.   7. I can’t explain it, but it’s just not the same.   8. I seriously can't look.    9. Can’t you watch me when I’m being amazing?   10. I’m in need of both.   11. [...]

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10 Inspirational Quotes To Live By During Competition Season

Live by these quotes throughout competition season and follow along @more_than_dancers to get your daily dose of motivation.  More Than Dancers is wishing you the best of luck at your upcoming competition!

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It’s Competition Season | Your Score Does Not Determine Your Value

Chances are, you probably have a dance competition coming up and you may be feeling a little anxious about it. That’s totally understandable and the nerves and anxiety you may be feeling are completely normal. Sometimes dance competitions can become “catty” and dancers (and sometimes the observers) can forget what competition is all about. This can add even more pressure to the nerves you may already be experiencing. So, let’s take a moment to remind ourselves what competition is really about. What is the purpose of competition? Competition was designed for you to: Get feedback on your dances. Recognize and [...]

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Stay Centered During Competition Chaos

Competition season can be a super stressful time of year. You’ve probably got additional rehearsals, longer nights at the studio, practicing your solo any chance you’ve got…and this is all on TOP of your “regularly scheduled programming” AKA friends, family, school, boys and trying to find a moment to yourself to actually relax. Should I even mention that competition weekends are extremely loonnnggg and draining? Competitions wear on you physically, mentally and emotionally: Physically You have to wake up extra early in the morning, perform all of your dances to the absolute best of your ability, late night award sessions, [...]

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5 Simple Ways to Calm Your Nerves at Competition

The nervous energy you experience at a dance competition is totally normal, and when channeled properly, can help you achieve your best performance. The extra boost of energy you feel before you step on stage is caused by a chemical called adrenaline. Adrenaline is released in your body when you perceive a stressful or dangerous situation — this is the fight or flight response that basically helps save your life if any serious hazards are presented in front of you. Adrenaline has helped people accomplish some pretty incredible physical tasks that would be nearly impossible under normal circumstances. Your body [...]

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