Raise your hand if you managed to misplace at least one dance accessory during competition season? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Between quick changes and hours of downtime…dancers are bound to lose at least one dance-related item. Do you ever wonder what some of the most common items dancers ALWAYS need because they constantly lose them over and over? Well, you’re in luck! Here are the 10 things dancers always lose during competition season.

1. Bobby pins. Seriously, where do these things go? On Monday you have 1,000 bobby pins, but by Tuesday you have 3.

2. Hair ties. You put them in your dance bag AND on your wrist, but somehow when you actually need one, you can’t find one!

3. Hair nets or bun builders. You need a good hair net or bun builder but always lose your only one! “Mom, I need a new hair net for the performance tomorrow.” “Where are 5 packs I just got you?!” Sounds all too familiar…

4. One shoe. Yes, it’s true. Right before a big competition you end up losing one of your shoes. It’s inevitable, and it’s always right on cue — at the very worst time.

5. Competition earring. Once again, it’s only one of your earrings, not both! And you know for sure that your teacher is going to be upset with you!

6. Costume accessory. That hairpiece that your teacher says you MUST keep track of or the one glove that you promised your teacher you won’t lose is always the thing you lose right away.

7. Entire costume. Don’t get too down on yourself, it’s happened to us all at least once. You arrive at your performance to find out you didn’t bring the costume for the dance you will actually be performing.

8. Warm ups. Warm ups can be essential; the problem is after you’ve gotten warm, they are so easy to toss aside and forget. If only you got a quarter for every time your mom asked, “So where is your lululemon zip up?”

9. Skirts. Skirts are a perfect companion to any ballet class, but they are also the impossible to find whenever you absolutely need one.

10. Makeup. You know how it goes. Everyone is required to wear the exact same makeup at competition but once again, you cannot find your lipstick…or eyeliner…or eyeshadow.

What do you constantly lose?

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