Do you ever get lost in the world of dance? Start to doubt your journey and capabilities? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. So, More Than Dancers has put together a countdown of the 10 things every dancer needs to remind themselves throughout their dance career.

10. Perspective

Put dance into perspective of the big picture. Don’t forget that you are MORE than a dancer. You are not defined by dance and dance alone. You have amazing gifts to offer that reach beyond your talents as a dancer.


9. Dance Is An Art Form

Remember that dance is an ART form. Dance is about artistry and expression, not a bunch of tricks put together.


8. Appreciate Your Body

You have a unique body and are lucky to be able to use it for dance. Instead of wanting longer legs, a smaller stomach, or better feet, try focusing on what you are blessed with. Thinking about what you CAN do instead of what you can’t will have a huge impact on both your dancing and your day-to-day life.


7. Be Creative

Don’t be afraid to try things that have never been done before.  Using your creativity in dance will also translate into other areas in your life. Expressing your creativity will allow you to find new, innovate ways to do things and solve problems.


6. Accept Corrections

Accept corrections as a way to improve your dancing. Your teachers want your dancing to continue to grow and progress.


5. Teamwork

Be a good teammate. Dancers need each other for support in such a competitive world. You don’t need to cut down someone else to be a great dancer yourself.


4. Don’t Play It Safe

Try new things. Don’t just stick with the same style or over train in one area of dance. Being a versatile, well-rounded dancer will be helpful in your future dance career, plus it will help you reach new limits in your favorite style.


3. Be Confident

Put your best self forward and always train to your capacity.  Remember that you love dance for a reason and you are doing exactly what you’re supposed to be doing.  Relax in the thought that it is no accident you found dance and just enjoy doing what you love.


2. Push Yourself

Continue learning and keep striving to be a tiny bit better each day.  No one is expecting you to whip out eighteen fouettés the day after you learn them.  The key to reaching your dreams is to push yourself a little further each day.


1. Love Dance

Teachers view dance as a gift and want you to experience that too. Dance is both a gift to you and your gift to the world.  Enjoy it!

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