Sweat, heart, and tears are what make up a dancer. We know that you put all of these things into being the best dancer you can be. But if you are like us, some of these things that make you a dancer are very strange. So read on to see if you struggle in the same way that we do!

7. When you see a grocery aisle, you MUST dance down it! The struggle is real. There is music playing and a full stretch of floor in which to dance it up. And you do, even though other shoppers think you are totally strange.

6. You walk like a duck. Or really you waddle. It’s unfortunate, but really, that’s what 13 years of ballet training will do to you. When your friends tell you to walk normally, you sigh deeply and continue on.

5. When your annoying science partner says dance is NOT a sport, you break out in hives and seriously struggle not to yell at him. You calmly say that you are pretty sure that no other athlete can jump as high as you can.

4. When a non-dance friend asks when your dance season is over, you struggle not to roll your eyes. Dance. Never. Ends. So you constantly have to explain that to your non-dancer friends.

3. Stopping in the middle of what you are doing when your old competition song comes on. You can’t help but break out into the dance. Your friends are so used to it that they don’t even ask you about it anymore.

2. You are seriously awkward at regular stuff, like walking, but are really graceful when dancing. It’s hard for you to make it down your hallway without tripping, but put a pair of tap shoes on you, and you can’t stop!

1. You have no closet space left because all of your drawers are dedicated to every costume, shoe, tight, and leo you’ve ever owned. It’s literally impossible for you to throw any of your old dance stuff away. It would be like taking a trophy away from someone, right?

So what are your struggles? Let us know #morethandancers

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