19 Jaw-dropping Dance Fails

“To laugh at yourself is to love yourself.” – Walt Disney Watch out kid… Oh no! 2. Life after graduation… Jk it is a wonderful thing. 3. Come on Dad! 4.  Dude… Dude….  5. What! lol 6. You didn’t the boss if you could dance […]

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5 Tips that will guarantee you Increase the Height of your Jumps

Many athletes use jumps and leaps in their athletic performances, but dancers are among the various athletes that make it look graceful. Grace is earned in the early practices of the morning, until the late hours of the afternoon. Dancers are constantly striving to achieve the “look” of effortlessness, however, it can only be taught through countless hours of practice. Here are some pointers for increasing the height of your jumps and leaps.

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