Making Your Social Media Presentable

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc… we all have some form of social media. It is a great way to stay connected with friends and to network with others. Additionally, it means that anonymity no longer exists. Many employers, universities, and programs use social media to […]

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Things Your Mom Always Says | Dancer Edition

Alright… here are 15 things your dance Mom always says… 1. “Let me fix your hair quick.” Source: WWW.GIFBAY.COM 2. “Can’t you just walk normal?” Source: WWW.REDDIT.COM 3. “Stop tapping, you’re ruining my wood floor!” Source: MRSFALLONTIMBERLAKE.TUMBLR.COM 4. *Gagging sounds when she smells your dance […]

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How to Improve Communication With Your Peers

As dancers, we understand that communication is extremely important. Whether you are trying to coordinate a complex lift or determine a specific count, having a clear line of communication is a necessity. However, outside of the studio, communication with your peers can sometimes be difficult. […]

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Cold Weather Skin Hacks

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The cold weather is officially here and that means it is time to change up your skincare routine. With these winter skincare hacks, your skin will be loving you and the weather in no time. The key to healthy skin is hydration From summer to […]

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