Rehearsals, class, competitions, recitals…your spring is shaping up to be the busiest one yet! Does your calendar even have a blank space?!?! Being a dancers means being super busy, but it also means you don’t get to experience a lot of family time either. Yet for many dancers, family is one of their priorities in life, so how do you make time for family in a busy schedule? Here are some of MTD’s top tips:

 1. Identify a Priority

It is important that you and your family discuss if family time falls as a priority in your lives. By identifying it as a priority, it shows that it is important and significant to your life.
Pro-tip: Sit down as a family for a meal and have each individual make a list of their top five priorities in life and then make a list as a family. Hang these lists in a place where you can constantly be reminded of what is important to each individual.

2. Plan and Schedule

Just like you have a schedule for school and dance, having family time listed on your schedule will help designate that specific time. Planning in advance gives everyone adequate time to check their schedules and rearrange if necessary. Furthermore, having a set recurring time each week that is dedicated to family helps to assure there are no conflicts.
Pro-tip: Post a giant family calendar somewhere within your house where you can record everyone’s schedules. This will show you good opportunities for family time.

3. Seek Involvement

Family time doesn’t have to mean having a meal or going out together. It can also mean working together on household chores such as laundry or getting the groceries. Seeking involvement from everyone in the family not only means the household chores get done quicker, but it also means that you will spend more time together as a family.

4. Set Boundaries

If family time is a priority, setting boundaries for other aspects of your life is important. For example, if you are a parent maybe you set your work schedule to only fall between 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. on weekdays. Or if you are a dancer, taking off all day on Sundays. By setting these boundaries, you will have more free time in your life for other activities such as family. If something does come up, kindly decline in respect to your family.

5. Be Supportive

Sometimes family time occurs when you are supporting those in your family. For example, instead of taking that drop-in master class you decide to go to your little brother’s basketball game. By making these sacrifices, you are not only showing your love, but also you are making more family time. Being supportive could also mean helping around the house so when your parents come home from work they have more free time for family.