Winter seems to last forever especially when it is really cold, and we honestly can’t wait for springtime! However, we can’t make spring get here faster, but we can take advantage of the beauty of winter. So, grab some friends and your camera and bundle up for a winter photoshoot that is sure to melt away the winter blues! Here are some tips for adorable winter photos:

What kind of snow angel would a dancer make?

You have made many snow angels as a little kid, but what kind of snow angel would a dancer make? Or how would a dancer make a snowman or shovel the driveway? We think shoveling with penche battements would be most effective! Capture these renditions of normal winter activities to create silly and fun winter pictures.

Snowy Pathway

Is there anything more beautiful than snow-covered trees?! Find a snowy pathway and place your subject at the center of the path to draw attention to them. Once placed, have your subject strike some dance positions for angelic pictures.
Pro-tip: as the photographer, play with the angle you take the photo. Instead of always taking the photo straight-on, consider taking it from closer to the ground or grab a step stool and stand higher than your subject.

Holiday Lights

Who said holiday lights are just for the holidays? Grab a strand of white lights and incorporate them into your poses.
Pro-tip: If you are taking photos in the evening hours, consider burying them just slightly under the snow which will create a glowing effect.

A Dash of Snow

As the subject, grab a handful of snow and toss it up in the air to make it look like you are in a snow globe. Or kick up a pile of snow to create an awesome effect. We think throwing snow while in a back arch or kicking up some snow into back attitude would make a seasonally perfect picture.

Grab Your Group

Taking photos isn’t much fun without great people all around. After, taking your photos outside, warm up inside with your group and continue your photoshoot fireside. Our favorite pose is having everyone lay in a circle while the photographer stands on a ladder above to capture the adorable moment!