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Oversplits: What You Need to Know

Last updated on May 29th, 2019 - We all have that one friend who is uber flexible and as dancers we are all always working on flexibility. But sometimes our stretching practices can end up being more harmful than helpful in the long run. One stretch that has dancers obsessed due to its WOW factor is oversplits. But, what do you need to know about oversplits? MTD looked to the experts to find out more.

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Top Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Summer Dance Training

Dancers!  The sun is shining, school is out, and guess what that means?  Time to think about SUMMER! It’s the best time of the year, right!?  And you want to take advantage of it in the right way for YOU and your dance goals.  Here are some of our top tips for getting the MOST out of your summer break:

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Tips for Choosing a Summer Dance Intensive

Alright, so you’ve decided you would like to study at a dance intensive this summer — good for you! Studying dance outside of your dance studio will be an incredible experience for you to learn and grow. You will get an opportunity to learn from new teachers, choreographers and be in a whole new environment. You will be surprised at how much your dancing can improve in a few short weeks of intense study away from your typical day-to-day. So, how do you pick the program that is right for you? Here are 5 tips to help you choose a summer dance intensive:

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Is It Worth It to Become a Professional Dancer?

For many of us, dance has been a way of life for as long as we remember. We can’t imagine doing anything else except becoming a professional dancer. There was a line that was drawn, and all of a sudden, we’re no longer just dancing for fun, but so that we can make dancing our full-time job. Everyone knows that becoming a professional dancer is an uphill battle and a constant struggle, and it’s one that might not pan out. Our dance blog is here to explore whether becoming a professional dancer is really worth it.

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YouTube Dance Channels to Obsess Over

When you’re not at the studio, you’re still thinking about dance. It only makes sense why you’d want to find some great dance videos on YouTube to obsess over, learn the routines, find some new music, and overall, get as much dance inspo as you can handle. Our dance blog is here to save you from the hassle. Instead of searching through YouTube, we’ve compiled some of the best YouTube dance channels for you to follow. There’s a solid chance you already know some of these, but either way, it’s impossible to watch these YouTubers too many times. Tricia Miranda [...]

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Have the Standard Rules of Dance Classroom Etiquette Changed

Etiquette inside and outside of the classroom in 2019 is so much more than what it once was. With the introduction of all kinds of technology, we have to be aware as both students and teachers how we are affecting the space we are in, and the people we share it with. The standard rules of classroom The standard rules of classroom etiquette still certainly apply; respecting the teacher and the other students in class, raising your hand to ask a question, not speaking out of turn or while other dancers are on the floor, respecting the space itself… keeping [...]

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More than just a dancer, but an artist with Jasmine Perry from Los Angeles Ballet

We had the honor to interview the young, beautiful, and oh so talented Jasmine Perry from the Los Angeles Ballet (LAB). She is currently in her 5th season with LAB and took time off her busy schedule to answer some of our questions. Enjoy! 1. At what point did you decide to be More than just a dancer? I moved to NYC to train at the School of American Ballet at 14 years old. When I was sixteen, I found out that an ankle injury I had been dealing with for the past few years needed serious attention, and surgery. [...]

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6 Things We Want You to Know

1. You're beautiful the way you are. Never try to fit in. Nobody gets rewarded for looking like everybody else. Stay unique, stay different, stay kind. You'll feel better about being your own person and the right people will gravitate towards you. 2. Your competition score or part in a dance doesn't determine your worth. You're MORE! What a competition judge or a casting director thinks does not determine who you are as a person. If you get rejected for a part or have a bad score, pick yourself up and say ‘OK not today, maybe tomorrow I'll get this [...]

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10 Things Your Non-Dance Friends Need To Know About Dancers

1. We do want to spend time with you. We just love dancing and progress requires constant time and dedication. 2. We get excited when we see non-dancers dance. 3. We will freak out when someone unexpectedly busts out killer moves. 4. The studio is our second home. 5. If we get in a fight, let me express how I feel with a two-minute improv. 6. Our dance teachers are actually really nice. 7. Understand that we’re graceful, yet very clumsy people. 8. We get easily distracted and forget to pay attention to our surroundings. 9. We are more than [...]

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5 Tips that will guarantee you Increase the Height of your Jumps

Many athletes use jumps and leaps in their athletic performances, but dancers are among the various athletes that make it look graceful. Grace is earned in the early practices of the morning, until the late hours of the afternoon. Dancers are constantly striving to achieve the “look” of effortlessness, however, it can only be taught through countless hours of practice. Here are some pointers for increasing the height of your jumps and leaps.

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4 Simple DIYs for Every Dancer

1. Hair Accessory Organizer What you’ll need: Empty Altoids container Magnetic tape strips Instructions: Dump all Altoids into your mouth at once…JK. If you don’t have an empty Altoids container, dump the Altoids in a little snack bag for later. Wipe out the container to remove any leftover Altoid powder.      Cut off one strip of magnetic tape. Peel the backing off the magnetic strip and place on the inside cover of the Altoid container. Lastly, fill up your new hair accessory holder! Hopefully, this will help prevent some of those bobby pins from magically disappearing. 2. Headphone Holder [...]

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Building Endurance for Dancers | 7 x 7 Workout

Having the ability to dance full out through ALL of your dance classes is hard. We feel you! Then, add in additional rehearsals after classes AND then the performance, it’s no wonder that you are exhausted! No worries, though, there are ways to build your endurance so that you can dance full out without wanting to fall over. Follow this workout to increase endurance and improve your ability to keep dancing. 7 x 7 Workout: Do these 7 exercise 7 times all the way through. Exercises: 40 jumping jacks 20 tricep-dips  20 push-ups 20 mountain climbers 20 fast squats 20 sit-ups [...]

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https://youtu.be/cm2g2I51j5E Nick Young Age: 26 Hometown: Milwaukee, WI Training: “Young Dance Academy”; Founder/Artistic Director of “Rhythmatic” (@RhythmaticTapCo) (Dance) Area of expertise: Tap Nick has been featured on season one of "World of Dance" and season eight [...]

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